Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Don’t drown in the sea that is Uni

Something I clearly haven’t been the best at, at least on this platform, is staying up to date. With Uni work, society involvement, exercise and social life commitments to consider, there aren’t many hours left in the day to dedicate to the small things I like to do, such as read, photography and write on this blog. As a result of other commitments, I missed the opportunity to see The Anna Edit do a talk on campus at a careers event and it made me take a step back, and think about how I actually organise my time and prioritise different activities. If any of you are in Uni at the moment too, you’ll know that it is very quickly clear that there is a magical knack to staying on top of life, and although I am still waiting for the day where I figure that all out, I thought I’d share my three favourite techniques that I use at the moment to keep on track of work and friends so that I don’t drown in the sea of Uni confusion.

Related imageWunderlist is probably the best thing I have been introduced to. Like iPhone Reminders on speed, this web and phone app allow you to break up you tasks into folders, share list with others, see the tasks they have on this list, set reminders etc. The reason I love it so much, is that it is accessible on my computer. As someone who has always liked to list tasks in order to plan my time, being able to simply login in, rather than write the list separately on my phone and computer makes it so easy for me to check if I’m up to date, especially if I am trying to work without my phone nearby as a distraction.

Planning my life outside lectures – because of the way my course works, my seminars are not regular and therefore my timetable looks slightly different week to week, meaning it can be hard to plan my days spontaneously if I am not on top of what is going on. To solve this, I have been keeping a ‘week list’ where I fill in where I have seminars, coursework deadlines, appointments, nights out etc., so that I can see when I have free time and can go explore the town or not, as I do not find using a phone calendar very useful. If anyone is like me, and needs to be able to see what is happening and cannot always remember, I’d really recommend using this method and placing the list at the foot of your bed/above your desk, so it is easy to check and adjust.

Finally, the bullet journal for a novice with no time. The idea of a bullet journal has been a fascination of mine for a while, it is the type of organisation I strive towards, but have no patience for. Therefore, I use the bullet journal as inspiration to make a simplified version and code of my own, which I have been finding especially useful for planning group coursework and tasks.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

What's this thing you call work? | First year University Expectations vs. Reality

Apologies for the yet again overdue post, life caught up again! As you can probably guess from the title of this post, I have just started University, and wow is it a whirlwind?! As some of you may be thinking about going to university soon, or have already experienced higher education, here are some of the things I have been told and learnt aren't as true as expected.

'It's first year, your marks won't count so you don't have to do any work' - is probably the biggest lie I have ever heard. Yes, for my course, my first year marks mean nothing in terms of my final degree mark. Yes, most of my modules are recorded so I don't need to go to lectures. Yes,my A level choices have meant half this semester has essentially been revision. But, that doesn't mean I don't want to do well or get good enough grades for internships, nor does it mean that there isn't stuff to do. I have quickly learnt that what I get out of my Uni experience relies upon what I put in, and therefore for me...WORK EXISTS. And don't get me started on the stress that is group coursework...just no.

'The friends you make in freshers might be the friends you have for the rest of your life so choose wisely' - If you get one thing from this post please let it be this. This. is. not. true. Freshers is a great time, you meet loads of people from your halls, you meet the friends that your school mates have made but you'll probably spend the week with most of the people you sat with at dinner on the first day, but these aren't the only people you'll get to know. You have the people on your course and in your lectures, on the sports teams you join, in societies, the random people you meet in a club and bond with and more. What I've constantly been reminded of is the way you can bond with so many unlikely people and it might be those that you'll stay close to, so do not worry if you don't meet your BFFL in freshers. You will find them one day if you didn't during freshers.

'If you aren't out most nights/[insert any type of activity], you aren't doing first year right' - Like I said before, you will meet a lot of people, many of those from different stages of university, who have their own fully formed opinions about what your first year experience should be like, but it is exactly that, your first year experience. If you don't enjoy going out more than twice a week, then don't do it. If you don't want to try drugs or join a sports team or be single or be in a relationship or join a society, then don't! Uni is a time to truly be you (cringe), so just do that!

'Make the most out of the time you have to socialise while you can' - Now this is accurate. I can see from looking at my timetable and those in later stages that the pressure I feel is a little more unnecessary than theirs, and therefore the time I spend in my room on my own with no work or revision to do, maybe useful downtime, but it is also time I could use doing a million other things! For me, I bought myself a ticket to a social that was happening in the first few weeks where I originally knew no one else going, and now at the end of the term, the group I sat at the dinner with are who I speak to most days! Yes this point does counteract what I said in the latter, but sometimes taking  a leap and just trying something does work out!

What else have you been told? Was it similar?

Saturday, 16 July 2016

DIY Patch Shorts | Revamped Levi 501s

Last week I went to the North London Kilo Vintage sale as mentioned in my post from wednesday. Whilst there a picked up a few bits including these already distressed button fastening Levi 501s. Although they are a little big I still wanted to make them work and decided to adapt them to my own style.

The first thing I did was cut them to a length I felt more comfortable wearing. I used tailors chalk and a pair of Topshop Mom shorts that are my ideal length to measure out wear to cut them. I made the line slightly longer than the Topshop shorts to avoid cutting them too short if I was not accurate.

After cutting, I then distressed the shorts at the hem, and added some rips on the front which I distressed further using small scissors and tweezers. I used this video as a guideline. After this I then added some iron on patches I have had for a while. If you are looking for some patches for your own DIYs, this Etsy shop is great and inexpensive. Not all of the patches attached well, so I used the same colour thread as the patch borders and added in some small tacking stitches to ensure they stayed in place.

I'm really happy with how they have turned out, and although this was a really simple DIY to do, it definitely put me in the creative spirit and I really want to try and do some more things like this over the summer.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

What I want | Summer wishlist

This summer I plan to update my wardrobe, buy some key pieces that I feel I am missing now I have had a little clear out, as well as inject some more colour into my wardrobe. Here are a few of the bits that are currently on my wishlist:

1. I have recently been loving wearing a simple shirt+denim combo as the London weather has remained unpredictable. After a visit to H&M I really want a simple blue and white pinstriped oversized shirt, which I think will be great all year round.

2. Generally, I am more of a trainer/converse girl but this summer I would like to give myself more options for footwear by adding some sandals such as these from New Look.

3. Bombers have been in style for the last few seasons now and don’t look like they’re going away any time soon. I’d like to find a mid/lightweight one that can last me through the beginning of autumn too like this one.

4. Like I said at first, I think I am really lacking any colour right now and after looking online I think I’d like some pink and red hues such as this dress, playsuit, body or skirt.

5. It wouldn’t be summer without a good pair of shorts and I’ve been lusting after some Levi's for years, which I finally got my hands on at the North London Kilo Vintage Sale last week which I have no changed,but I will show this in Saturday's post.  

What items are missing from your wardrobe?

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

What I wore : Prom 2016

This week I had my school’s Prom. It was such a lovely evening spent with some of my best friends and it was a great way to end my time at school and start my summer. I thought I’d share some pictures of my dress and outfit.

 Dress – Coast
Shoes – New Look
Clutch – New Look


I tried to find a dress that wasn’t too ‘of the time’, but rather something I would look back on and still love. Whether that will be true in 5 years time I don’t know, but I hope it will be. I paired this dress with grey and silver accessories because I felt that black would be too harsh for a summer night.

I know this post is very short and picture heavy, but I thought it may be nice to share the fun night!

What did you wear to prom? 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

How not to look like a 90's 3-year-old in denim dungarees | How I style the dungaree dress

Having a young face doesn’t always help my often questionable outfit choices, especially when it comes to pieces that can easily decrease my maturity level at first glance. Whilst I love my new light wash denim dungaree dress from Jack Wills, I do find it hard to style in a way that isn’t how my mum once did for me. However, with a couple hours raiding through my wardrobe, I think I have found a few outfits that give my dungarees a new look.

 I know a white shirt paired with denim is not revolutionary, but it does give this dress a more ‘grown-up’ look. Paired either with coloured converse or heeled boots this look can become casual/smart casual in an instant, and this is definitely an outfit I want to sport this summer.

Another shirt option I chose was this purple patterned number, which I think can be worn in two ways, with a white tee tucked into the dress and the shirt worn as a light jacket; or worn tucked in and buttoned up, both equally wearable.

In this look, I think wearing a  black polo neck with the dress feels more 'grown up' and matched with a simple black skater shoe or chelsea boot, is a great alternative to just denim shorts and a top, my automatic summer fall-back.

How do you style dungaree dress and trouser outfits?

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

What's that? Another hair change?

Yet again, boredom and lackluster hair has caused me to feel a change was necessary. As those of you who have seen my pretty tame dabbles with hair dye and change over the last few years (see herehere , here and here) you will know that I often get bored and change it up a little every 4-6months. The last 18 months or so however, I have changed the length a lot less, and for the first time in my life, essentially maintained my short/mid-length no layers cut, and after staying my natural hue of mousy brown/dark blonde for a while, dyed my hair in a balyage/ombré style that wasn't too many shades lighter than my own. 

Just under a year on, and many Instagram hair account screenshots later, I decided that going even lighter for summer might be fun, and was the best opportunity to try something a bit more extreme than I had previously.

My hairdresser used a product called freelights by Wella, which essentially allowed her to paint on the dye without having to use foils, which as I understood it was because the dye did not expand like bleach usually does. It was then toned, washed again and cut.

I am so happy with how it looks now! Like anything, I think not seeing my roots will be strange for a while, and personally my hair takes a couple weeks to settle into a new colour/style, but I really am happy with the results at the moment. What's even better is the way it has been done, once my roots begin to show, it will quite low maintenance because it will just highlight the different colours and tones that are in the look, which I think will look really great. 

Char xx