Sunday, 27 January 2013

Birthday post #3 | Haul

Hey guys,

So as you may have seen in my Birthday post #2that I have bought a few bits and pieces in brick lane and I have also been shopping over the last couple weeks These are kind of related to what I had on my  Wishlistor a lot of things similar that didn't quite make my top 10.

So the first and probably the most exciting for me, was my first MAC purchase! I've been looking at the lipsticks for a while and was debating between 3 or 4 colours but decided on this one because I thought it would be nice to have my first purchase as a limited edition. I chose the Viva Glam Nicki shade. It's a bright barbie pink with coral undertones. I'd say a very similar colour and a very near dupe is shade 16 of the Rimmel Kate Moss original lipstick range. Once on for around an hour it becomes a lot more subtle than it first seems. I don't know much about the different types of lipstick but it's a satin, and when swatching in the shop I found it hard to choose between a satin or cremesheen colour.

The next thing I bought that day was a vintage shirt from a market stall. It's a monochrome paisley print and is long sleeved with quite loose sleeves that sinches in at the cuffs. As soon as I saw it I instantly fell in love with it and although its missing a button at the bottom, it's unnoticeable and for £10 was well worth it. Something similar on the high street would have been around £45 so a one of a kind shirt for £10 is much better.

The next things I got when I was out with a friend, the only reason we went out was because we both wanted to have a little make up shop and wanted to try something new. Whilst I was there I picked up a concealer because it gives me something I could review for you all.

So I bought the Rimmel BB cream in light, it's quite new in the market and was a perfect match for me in the shop. I think it seems like a great product and for under £5 ( normally £6.99 but it's been reduced in boots) is a complete bargain. I haven't seen many reviews on it, this may be due to the shade range being very small. However my friend who is even lighter than me tried it and it was just as good a match. It claims a lot so be sure to see it in coming posts.

The next thing I bought is the Maybelline DreamLumi touch in 01 ivory, I know Collection and L'Oreal have similar products but this version is the one I've heard the best things about. I have been trying quite a few different concealers over the last few months because I've been trying to find the best type for me, I have never used anything but cover sticks of various brands and they work great for me, but some leave my skin feeling dry and I feel like some build up in your pores and looking worse than without the make up! This one seems quite light so let's hope it's all good.

The next few things were from boots from a day in London and were things I've been eyeing up for a while and was just waiting until I had money so I could snap them up. The first is the Maybelline colour tattoo 24 hour stay cream eyeshadow in pink gold. It's a shimmery baby pink that is so pretty on. I don't usually like shimmer but this is amazing and great as a base. It really is long wearing and is a great dupe for the Mac or Benefit paint pots who do larger selections of colours but are 7-10pounds dearer.

The next was my usual liquid eyeliner which is Maybelline master-precise pen eye liner in noir. It's really easy to apply and I have recently been switching between this one and the 'liner express' liner also from Maybelline because its slightly wetter and longer lasting. Both under £7 and amazing quality.

Staying with the topic of eyes I finally got my hands on the Rimmel scandaleyes kajal pencil in nude. I've seen so many reviews on blogs and YouTube and it was so nice to be able to try it. I can only wear it when wearing mascara as it only brightens up my eyes when I wear it like that. I have also like wearing it just under the flick of my winged liner because it widens my eyes further and makes the flick look more precise.

I then went shopping last week and used up some vouchers and birthday money. First stop was primark. I got a plain white vest peplum top. £4 for something that will constantly be on the wash from now on, such a bargain!

The next shop was H and M, I got a plain white shirt with see through panels at the shoulders, it's a basic and can be worn all year round because it is so versatile. The second thing I bought was a pink dress. I don't wear dresses much but thought this one would be good to dress up or down. It has a lace back and will be good for the transition to spring.

We then went to superdrug. I had to stop myself from buying the whole set of 10 new lipsticks from Sleek. I really like them but ended up buying a blush. They are a really good size, very pigmented and a handbag essential because of the large mirror. I decided to get the colour flamingo, I was debating between that and pomegranate but decided that pomegranate was a bit too dark and I didn't want the blush to have shimmer because I prefer to add any shimmer with a highlighter. Great quality and surprisingly cheap at £4.49 .

The final purchase of the day was an essential for me. The Rimmel stay matte powder. It's really good and a little goes a long way in my experience with it.

So that's it for my haul, for now, I'm thinking of going on a bit of a spending ban, I know I haven't bought lots of expensive things but things here and there really do add up! The only time ill be spending anytime soon will be on food!

So that's all for now,
Speak soon,

Char xx

Yet another OOTD| January 26th

Hey guys,

So yesterday I went out with some friends shopping and thought what I was wearing deserved an OOTD. It was quite sunny, but still cold so I decided to layer up a lot. I've also been wearing my hair a lot like this recently, it's just quite easy because it keeps my hair out my face but looks a bit more interesting.

Lips - Mac Viva Glam in Nikki
Shirt - Brick Lane
Jumper - New Look
Disco Pants - eBay
Shoes - Vans (not sure where from though, they were a present from a group of
Jacket I wore that day - Oversized Levi's Dark Denim( it was oversized because
its my dads)

So that's it,
Speak soon,
Char xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Future | My aims right now

Hey guys,

So this is kind of a random post, I know I promised a gift post but since I have a haul coming up and they are very similar posts I voted against it. This one is sort of inspired by my friend Lily. She has a really great blog about her life and fashion and all things of that nature so if you want to check her future plans click here. She did a post about what she wants to do in the future and it got me thinking about what I want to do myself.

Like most, I want to make a change in my lifetime. I hope, even if its a small thing like being someone to rely on for my friends for years to come, that I've helped someone and I'll be happy. But on a bigger scale if I could make my mark in the fashion world, well I'd be a grateful girl.

Thinking about it now, I think my love of it is from my background, my mums parents used to work for topshop on the designing side of it all in the 50's and 60's. It's so exciting to think they worked for one of my favourite high street shops, it's incredible!

Fashion wise, I'm not creative enough to actually design the stuff, I but I like the idea of being a stylist. I have quite a vintage style, I wear make up that a friend's mum describes as a '50's Starlet' and wear a lot of odd pieces that were my mums in the 80's and 90's. When friends want to buy make up or try something new they usually talk to me at some point about my opinions( and from the sense of making my small change, I fulfil it). I don't take it as them thinking I'm fashionable or whatever, it's probably because I wear a lot of make up and not how people typically would for my age, I guess they take that as I know what products are out there and what is good.

Clothes wise I try to be myself without being too out there, or sticking completely to the high street. I re-vamp my clothes quite a lot, I usually buy my summer shorts from primark then stud and cut them or dye them, or buying loads of plain tops from the primark men's section then rolling the sleeves and stitching them into place to have the oversized tops from topshop look, but having colours and pockets they don't. I do this mainly because it means I make it my own but also because its so much cheaper!

Being a stylist just seems right up my street because although I like to do all that for my self, I would easily adapt to other styles but still give people their unique twist. I'd call my adapting clothes, 'capturing the quirks' there's no point hiding your differences, and what better way to embrace them than by making your clothes your own in subtle ways.

I also like the idea of being a Fashion journalist. As I've grown up one thing that's never left me is the dream of being a journalist. I think it would be amazing to think I could have a column in magazines like Company or the far fetched hope of Vogue, or even being a frower at LFW. Being able to be around all elements of the fashion world and be able to blog about it on a scale a million times bigger!

I guess my dreams seem slightly far fetched but as long as you find a route to get your dreams if you want them badly enough you will make it.

So that's all for now.See you in my next post,

Speak soon,

Char xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

Quick thing| pointless post

Hey guys,

Just posting this so I can get my bloglovin running please ignore this!:)

Char xx

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Birthday post #2 | Birthday Meal | 15th January 2013

Hey guys,

So I know I promised a second OOTD for when I went out with another group of friends but I left so early in the morning that by the time I got home, trying to take pictures with decent lighting was impossible so I gave it a miss. How ever if you want to see what I wore, it was a similar out to the one I wear in my Christmas Post.

So today is my actual birthday which is pretty exciting. I may have spent the day at school, but it's so nice to be surrounded by my 'nearest and dearest'. But tonight I am going for a meal with my parents which will be really nice, and since as though I'm wearing a few new things I treated to myself which you will see in my haul, and a few birthday gifts which will be in a post over the weekend, I thought it my be nice to share my outfit.

Shirt - Vintage stall in Brick lane
Disco pants - eBay
Vans - I think they are from office (Birthday present)
Lipstick - MAC Viva Glam Nicki

However, since its cold and winter I will be wearing my fuchsia jumper from H&M over the top of my shirt and my leather biker jacket from spitalfields market to add layers and warmth, I'm not one to put fashion over warmth, I'd rather be cosy and slouchy than look great and freeze!

Unfortunately yesterday when I took the pictures I had no memory on my card and I only found out they didn't save today, I'm so sorry for this but ill upload for you anyway! I really liked how this outfit looked though so when I next wear it i'll be sure to post and let you know xx

So that's it, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week, I know I will and see you in the weekends post!

Char xx
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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Birthday post #1 | January 12th 2013

Hey guys,
So today I went out with a few friends for a meal and I thought I'd show you what I was wearing. This will be the first of a few birthday posts abut outfits, presents and hauls since I'm celebrating over a number of days because my birthday is midweek and it was hard to find a day that I could spend with all my friends.

So tonight I am wearing quite a simple outfit that is quite casual. The bottom half of the outfit is black since there my legs will be under the table the whole night. I chose this top because I thought it would be a change to wear pink instead of my standard red.

Hat - Mums
Lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss shade 05
Top - Hollister
Disco pants - eBay
Shoes - eBay

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

MUA Makeup Haul | Review

MUA make up haul | review

Hey Guys,

Today I have a review of some make up for you all. I had heard a lot about this foundation and was tempted to try the matte powder that was recommened with it as well but decided I would wait until after my birthday to buy any more in case I had more products given to me to try.

So like I mentioned before, the first thing I bought was the Matte perfect foundation in the lightest shade 'fair'. My skin is not particularly oily and doesn't need much shine control but I prefer a matte finish because it makes my skin look more flawless and also gives me a good base if I want to then contour or re-add shine to my skin. At first, when I tested the colour on my skin I felt it was too dark, but once it settled in it looked really natural. It is a yellow based foundation which usually makes me look a lot darker because I am used to seeing myself in a more pinky based colour and am not used to the look of them on my skin. I do like the finish of this foundation however it is a lot more sheer than I expected especially from the look of the consistency. Which leads me on the the only downside. The consistency is too thick to apply with my fingers and if I do it feels quite stiff and sticky so I have to use a brush. Other than that for a £2 foundation I don't think I could ask for any more other than more shades and a wetter consistency, but the thickness may be to do with keeping the skin matte.

The next product I got was from what MUA are calling the 'Pro-Base collection' which also includes their version of wn Urban Decay setting spray for a fraction of the price which I am very tempted to buy since I have never tried one. The product I got was the Conceal and Brighten kit in the shade porcelain beige. It consists of three cream concealers a peach toned, yellow toned and salmon toned to mix and create the perfect shade for blemishes and under eye darkness. For me the salmon colour is too red for blemishes but might be good for a cream blush. I find they blend very well and lasted around 3-5 hours on my skin before starting to slip, this was without setting it as I wanted to see how it would be. In future I will be setting it.

The next product is something I have run out if so my quick solution was to buy a replacement to make do with until I buy another which is a liquid liner. I wasn't expecting much for £2 but there are some positives. Although the pigmentation isn't great and on me the colour comes out quite grey, the precision is fantastic! I find it hard to do gel eyeliner precisely so I think my solution will be to use this first then apply the gel because it is not suitable to wear on its own.

The final thing I got was a free gift with my order but I would have bought it anyway. It is the new 'Artiste Collection Pallette' which consists of 6 shadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. I really like the paler shadows and the ice blue colour only needs a light dusting over my lids to look nice. The undertones make my blue eyes stand out which I really like. I do like the darker colours but I wouldn't wear them day to day. The four cheek shades however are what I really love about the palette. The shimmery peach is very subtle and I don't need to wear any highlighter because it highlights with the shimmer but the darker pink needs it to make it work for me. I don't wear many blushes so its nice to be able to try a few out and see how if I can make them work.

If you want to check out some of the products I got and the rest of the MUA make up collection click here .

That's all I got but be sure to look out for another haul next month of stuff I may buy with birthday money and a post on what I got. They aren't posts about me bragging about what I got, but showing you may give you good gift ideas for friends because I know a few friends have bought me some make up stuff.

But for now,
Speak soon,

Char xx

Birthday Wishlist | Trying something new

Hey guys,

So my birthday is next week (this is the time where I start getting as excited as I did when I was 5) and I thought I'd share a few of the things on my wish list, or rather what I would like to get with birthday money since I only asked for a few CD's this year and a bag which you may be seeing in a birthday haul later in the month.
1 - The Naked Basics palette, need I say more? Although I do love shimmery eye shadows they do not suit me at all so the basics palette would be perfect for me. My make up is usually made up of winged eyeliner and a bright lip so I find neutrals or a light smokey eye work well, Which means there are lots of. looks I could create with these shadows.

2 - Admittedly I am not a ring person, I have quite small hands and I fear they would look strangely me, however these really caught my eye. This set from Asos are a reasonable price and because black is the main colour, they will be very versatile.

3 - Another pair of disco pants, I know I know, is one pair not enough? The answer is no, I have worn mine practically everyday this holiday and this navy pair from Miss Guided for a fraction of the price of AA ones are lovely. Like black, navy works with most of my wardrobe and I'm sure they would become yet another staple for me.

4 - This is from Pixie Lott's Jewellery collection for the website Rock N Rose. Their stuff is great and you should all take a look. I think it is absolutely beautiful and would look really pretty with a collared shirt and jumper to add that extra something special.

5 - A lot of the clothes on my list are from Miss Guided, firstly because at the moment they have a lot of really nice stuff that is a lot more affordable for me, and also because their delivery service is amazing. In the run up to Christmas around early November I bought a dress, I was in no hurry to get it so went for the cheapest mailing option. I did this on Tuesday, by Thursday I came home to the package on my bed. For an order made so late at night and in the Christmas period I thought it was amazing so I will definitely be using it again in the future. I have been eyeing this skirt up now for about 4 months but haven't yet brought myself to buy it, why? I don't know but as soon as I get any money it's one of the first things I will get my hands on. The last few years I have always been a shorts or leggings kind of girl, but last year I really started to enjoy wearing skirts because I feel like they work with my body shape and I'm sure over the coming months you will be seeing hauls with many of them.

6 - I don't quite now what it is about this dress that makes me love it so much. Whether it's because it is a polo neck and quite different from what I usually go for, or because it could be so versatile I don't quite know. But for £9.99 I'm sure it won't harm trying something a little out of my comfort zone! This yet again is from Miss Guided

7 - if you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know I wear my red creepers to death, so it may come as no surprise that I have included a pair on my list. I felt like these would be good for a wider variety of outfits because of the colour, but they weren't boring black because they have the studs. I personally find that I either wear shoes that are really bold, like my red creepers or purple Docs or shoes that are more neutral and toned down because there is bolder colours within the outfit like my grey vans. By having the spikes these shoes are in the middle which is PERFECT for me.

8 - Another skirt that caught my eye on Miss Guided was this purple one. I like that it seems more structured and could be easily dressed up or down. I wear a lot of blues, reds and purples so it would really suit me. For around the £15 mark I'm not sure what to expect but I'm hoping it will look as good as it does on screen.

9 - I really like fashion related books, I have quite a lot about fashion over the years and a few about shoes but none quite like this. I don't know whether it's because it was Lauren Conrad or because when I was looking in the shop it seemed interesting but I really like the look of this book! I'm not quite sure on the price as it kept coming up in dollars but I'm guessing it is around the £12 mark. She is one of my fashion icons and I love her style, and I know she has a book about style as well, so I may look into getting that as well!

10 - And finally this top. I tried on a very similar top in Topshop, but for me it was made from a material too sheer for this type of top, not that it doesn't look nice on other people, but I think for me it wouldn't look quite right. This version is from Miss Guided, which I think is about £5 cheaper but I cannot find the original top on line to check. I think it's really nice because it is really flowy and would look great tucked into a skater skirt or baggy over my disco pants which is how the model wears it in the picture.

So that's it for my wish list, obviously I would have loved to add a lot more things to that list but I think they are probably my top 10 things I want, however I have been looking on Asos recently and have been liking the look of their accessories so there may be a splurge for me on make up and accessories in the coming weeks.

Speak soon
Char xx

P.S I have just received my MUA order and will be posting a review on it later in the month. I may do an OOMB (outfit of my birthday) post when i celebrate it although the actual day is during the school week(booooooo) and a Birthday haul/what i got post. If I do I want you to know it wouldn't be me bragging at all, I'm always grateful and I haven't asked for much at all this year.

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Friday, 4 January 2013

OOTD | 4th January 2013

Hey guys,
Thought I would do a quick OOTD for you all since I really liked what I was wearing today. For it is a great casual look and if accessorised with my Aztec navy beanie and navy vans would be a perfect w/s tradition outfit for me. And could have easily been dressed up by wearing a pair or heels, my 90's leather biker, and the loss of the denim shirt. I just felt it was really versatile and as much as I hate being seen wearing the same outfit twice, it is such a basic outfit to work around that I will be seen in it more than once, just mixed up.

Denim shirt - Primark
Vest top - H&M
Disco Pants - EBay
Lipstick - Rimmel shade 107
Lip Liner - MUA shade 'Red Drama'

Speak soon,
Char xx

P.S I have a few more OOTD that I forgot to post over the last few days so they may be in an OOTW post later in the month. And the picture is down below, it won't seem to move up!

New year, nothing new | Lookback on 2012

Hey guys,

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you've all had a good feast over the holidays and are easy for 2013. I always think things can only get better so my hopes are up for this year.

I'm not one to make New Years resolutions because for me, if I want to make a change or do something in life, I will do it and I don't think there is any point waiting for a new year for me to change.

But since it is the new year, I thought I'd take a look back on the year of 2012 from my perspective. For me 2012 was a year full of change, and a year I will look back on as one of the best for me. As I have only been in the blogging world for just under 2 months now, there isn't a lot that you know about me, other than I am a girl( if you hadn't figured that out then now you know) , my name is charlotte, I'm doing my GCSEs and I love music and fashion. So I thought letting you into my 2012 experience would tell you more about me.

I mentioned hat I thought it would be a good year to look back on, the reason being is that I met a lot of my idols, not only bloggers and youtubers, but also music artists such as Tom and Jay out of The Wanted, Lawson, Rita Ora and many more. Meeting them though the year was amazing, admittedly I was my clumsy self around them all and fell over in front of them, but at least it showed I don't change! The one thing that made all of those times special is that not only were they spent with the same person, but that she has now become one of my best friends and I will forever be grateful that those experience did that.

Not only did I meet a lot of people, I also saw a lot to, in the form of around 12 concerts! Being the age I am, it's one of my favourite things to do, not hearing my favourite musicians performing, but the memories that happen at each concert. It's cheesy but it's true, when I start earning money I'm very sure I will be going to many more because its such fun( ignore the Miranda quote)

Another big thing about 2012 was that I began my GCSEs, now I'm not a fan of schoolwork like everyone else, but without them, our futures would be different. The subjects I'm taking now, could lead me to my career and I find that really exciting! For me, I have 2 ideas for my future, one is my dream job that could happen but I doubt could happen and the other is my backup dream job which I am determined to make possible, however I won't be sharing them quite yet.

The next ting that was big was my first abroad trips away. I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to Barcelona in spring and Beijing in late October last year. Both trips I will never forget. Not just because of the tourist experiences but because the trips really made me want to travel in the future, they were amazing, even if I was sitting next to smelly people for 9hiur flights...

It has been such a good year for the world as well and I'm not going to be a girl late on the wagon wheel and talk about the Olympics and the jubilee because they were months ago although I am pretty aware they happened and were a bug part of my life.

That's the main things that happened in my 2012, I'd list all the concerts and landmarks I visited but I think I'd probably bore you so I will leave it here.

Speak soon,
Char xx
P.s Like most this time of year, especially with my birthday in a week or two, I have been given and bought a lot more products and clothing that I will be reviewing over the next month so be prepared for more posts like that.
Leave any comments with types of posts you'd like to see from me in the future, I really enjoy getting feedback so let me know.