Sunday, 24 February 2013

Look good for less | Illamasqua speckled nail polish

Hey guys,

So this is another look good for less, this time nails. I really love the stuff form the new Illamasqua I'Mperfection range especially the nail polishes, they are in such nice pastel colours which will be great for spring and summer but I love the duck egg effect they have.
I'm clearly not made of money and at £14.50 for one colour, I don't think it's worth it to pay that for one nail polish.

This is why I have made it my mission yet again to find an alternative. Recently, L'Oreal brought out some new nail polishes including a matte glitter one called confetti(I think) this is only £4.99. If you already have some pastels in your nail polish collection you will be able to create the look in no time, if you don't, Miss Sporty and NYC (brands sold in superdrug and boots in the UK) have cheap nail polishes that are actually quite good quality between £1.50-££2.50 per polish! And recently they've had deals on so you won't have to pay much more depending on how many colours in the collection you want to recreate!

A great way to get the look for less, and a way to expand the colour range, I think the 'glitter' would look great over deep wines or grey colours as well! Who knows!

Okay, speak soon,
Char xx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Everyday make up routine | Updated to me, first for you

Hey all,
So recently I've run out of loads of things and been trying out others at the same time and I've finally got myself back into a nice little routine which probably won't change much other than lip colour and blush (when and I say WHEN I get my filthy mits on Mirrored pink/Rose Gold) so for the most part this is my everyday makeup.
Admittedly as you may know, being in education restricts me from wearing make up every single day but on the days I'm not in school or on holidays, this is what I've been wearing pretty much.

Garnier moisture match moisturiser for dull skin(it smells amazing!)
Rimmel Match Perfection in 010 light porcelain
MUA corrector kit in porcelain beige
Rimmel stay matte powder in translucent(over my forehead and cheeks to tone down blusher and shine. I also use it to set my concealer)
Sleek Make up Blusher in Flamingo
Rimmel Wow lash volumising mascara on lazier days
Maybelline Rocket mascara when I'm in a big lash mood(most of the time)
Rimmel waterproof exaggerate roll up eye liner in black
Maybelline master precise liquid pen in noir(black to most people)
Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy(light coat for lips but better look)
Rimmel 170 (full on red, obsession with it is back while its still cold enough to wear bright red a lot)

And that's it! Obviously the base products are in shades best for me but the rest of my make up will suit other people of different skin tones because my friends use a lot of my stuff from time to time

Talk soon
Char xx
PS posts won't be coming as thick and fast during the next few weeks as I have tests and will have my head in my books(literally I get so bored revising)

Trip to town | 22nd February 2013

Hey guys,
Yes you've guessed it...another OOTD! I love doing these posts because I like seeing other people's as well, I find it interesting to see what people pair together.
So today I'm off to an exhibition and its a longish train journey for me so I went for something rather comfy.

Lips - Rimmel Apocalips Galaxy
Jacket - Levi
Jumper - new look
Play suit - new look
Shoes - Doc Martins
Bag - Spitalfields

Thursday, 21 February 2013

What I want | February Edition

Hey all!

Firstly I just want to say thank you to everyone that reads my blog, I've got to 800 views! It's nice to know people have been enjoying reading what I have to say so far. Now on with the post!

I'm thinking this could turn into a regular thing because there is always new products being released or cult products to try that catch my eye so it might be nice for us all to share what we like or want on these posts, these are my 7 wants of the month so hope you enjoy and share yours to!

1 - Sleek makeup have brought out an Aqua collection including a palette, nail polishes and a blusher. It is the blusher in Mirrored pink that makes me swoon and I think it will really suit me since Rose gold is too warm toned for me to wear( I think it's too orange for me to pull off this time of the year) and at only £4.49 these blushes are worth it but it isn't out until 13th march so this want will probably be in next months post to.

2 - Soap and Glory no clogs allowed self heating face mask. I've not tried the Liz Earle cleanse and polish but this sounds just as good to me, I like the idea of the self heating and think that would be surprisingly relaxing, whether I get round to trying it or not I think it would be great for your skin and at £11 won't break the bank too badly.

3 - Real techniques stippling brush, since I am yet to own any real techniques brushes( What a crime!) and I think it would be a great start, it's meant to be good for wetter foundations and since my current foundation is a liquid I'm hoping to buy one and test it out!

4- New look Midi Varsity Dress, I love this and think it would look really cool in summer with a pair of vans and my hair up, it seems like a nice sporty twist on a style of dress that's normally quite girly and glam.

5 - MissGuided pink speckles skater dress is just something I need in my life! It's half the price of the topshop equivalent and if you saw my look good for less post last week you'll know it's my favourite of the colours on the website.

6 - I already own one of the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquers but I would love to try more, most say celestial is a nice everyday shade but when I searched it i, it washed me out whereas galaxy(the one I own) was more of a my lips but better shade for me. So rather than having an everyday colour I want to try something bright and I'm thinking Apocaliptic, a bright blue toned pink, will be nice for my skin tone and its bright and summery.

7 - Sleek have also brought out some new liquid liners. Unlike the blusher these are out now and I think they look really great. They come in 3 colours which I nice alternatives to black. I have blue/green eyes so I'm interested in trying the deep purple one. A positive a already know is that they have great staying power; I searched one on my hand in the shop the shop the other day and I washed my hands through the course of the day and it didn't come off. Only when I put make up remover on my hand did it start budge!

So that's it for my what I want post this month
What do you want to get and try/wear this month?

Speak soon
Char xx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation Review | I caved on my ban

Hey guys,

So as you can probably guess from the title, this will be a review on the Match perfection foundation, I am yet to try the wake me up foundation as everywhere I've gone to get it hasn't had a shade light enough for my pasty self and I'm beginning to think they don't sell one light enough yet so I will wait until summer.

So moving away from my pale problems, the foundation. Firstly it smells amazing! I really don't like the smell of most foundations and I know that shouldn't effect my judgement because its the coverage that matters but wow this one smells like I poured my perfume in there! So that's a great thing for me.

Secondly it's a great match for me. I got it in the shade light porcelain which is the lightest of the 12 shade range, which is the largest range of foundation colours I've seen in ages from a drugstore brand(minus Revlon and Bourjois of course but they are on the high end side of drug store if you ask me). Because its winter I am very pale so this is great but when it gets to summer I will definitely repurchase a different shade from the range because I'm sure my mew shade will be there.

Now on to coverage and consistency. It is quite wet and applies really well with my fingers or with a brush and it looks like im not wearing anything which is a look i like. It covers a lot of my redness straight away and on 'good skin days ' I don't need to use as much concealer. It's quite buildable, I'd say 2 pumps is too much for day to day for me but is great for long days out or occasions wear I'm wearing more make up in general.

Overall I really like it and have been wearing it everyday since I got it. Has it replaced my beloved No.7 Stay perfect? No I love that foundation and knowing my shade I'd like to try more from No.7 but since that foundation is £14 and I'm with little money, I'd say its great for being on a budget and find its almost a dupe, consistency and colour wise throughout the range and I'm sure you could match many of the Rimmel shades to the No.7 ones.

So I'm going to give it a 9/10 because it could be a tiny bit thicker

Speak soon,
Char xx
Ps more reviews coming soon so look out for them:)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Look good for less | Topshop T-Shirt dresses

Hey guys,

Recently I have bought a lot and am trying to go on a bit of a spending ban( I say trying, I have little will power) so anything I buy has to either be cheap or a necessity(food in my case). It is when I am with little money that I want everything and anything I see so it's at these lows I look for bargains.

Now if you live in the UK you will be well aware of the speckled T-Shirt dresses that almost every person I know own. And not just one colour, they are a shape that suits so many different body types and come I a wide range of colours so that's a bonus too. They aren't expensive, but they aren't exactly cheap for what ultimately is a large T-Shirt that is sinched in at the waist. I love the way they look on me, especially since Im short, the skater dress shape really works for me, but I didn't want to pay £26 so I've been doing a little research to see where we can find this great look for less.

Firstly Internationale, an online and instore shop, however Im not sure how many shops they actually have, but if you look on the website Im sure it says. They have a grey/blue version of the dress for half the price at £12.99 it fits just as well, but only comes in one colour.

The next is one of my favourite places to shop online, MissGuided. They have a lot of really nice dresses including a version of the topshop dress. One version, in three colours which has the speckled effect, my favourite of the three being the pink as shown. The other type are plain colours but there are four or five both types at £12.99 however including p&p will end up being from £15-25.

See, it does help to shop around!
Char xx

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Impulse buying must stop | I couldn't resist the deals

Hey guys,

I need to stop buying, it may mean I have loads to show you, but it means that my purse hates me. Hopefully I can contain myself for a few weeks. I popped into superdrug hoping to get some skin are bits but came out with a bit more.

Firstly I needed a new mascara. I love my Wow mascara from Rimmel and I was on my 3rd tube(I think that's what you say mascara is kept in) because it is really buildable and pretty inexpensive but I fancied a change. As it was on offer and I have seen quite a few reviews I chose to buy the Rocket volum express mascara by Maybelline. It's a big brush and I've used it twice and I liked the results but I'm still trying it out.

The next make up item was a slight cult product, one I have wanted to buy since I saw a post about them around Christmas time from Fleur, it is the new Rimmel apocalips lip lacquers. I chose the colour galaxy because it was so different from the pinks in the collection and had a nice shimmer unlike the rest which as far as I could tell didnt. It's a sort of plum colour but a light coverage on me gives a my-lips-but-better tone,but when layered up looks deep but not as dark as my Kate Moss Matte 107. For a product so different to the matte collection, they have a very similar scent which I am still unsure about, it's like a sour watermelon sweet that is quite sickly but that doesn't remain on the lips so don't worry if that puts you off. It also has really long staying power, I wore it on a long day out last weekend and I applied it at first at 9, and it stayed full coverage for around 4/5 hours before I had to reapply, and that lasted me the rest of the day. Needless to say it impressed me.

Now onto what I find the most exciting part of my haul...some new skin care bits!

Firstly I needed a new moisturiser, Im not great with keeping up a good skin regime, I mean I moisturise after I shower most days and once I take my make up off I moisturise most times, but I also almost always forget to take my makeup off since I only really get to a couple days a week. So I thought trying out new skin care will encourage me to try a bit harder.

So I saw a post a few weeks ago about some new garnier moisturisers which have been made for various skin types, I don't have particularly bad skin but it is quite pale and dead looking so I thought the perfect one for me would be the 'Wake me up' for dull skin. It's gel like with slight shimmer within it which I'm guessing helps the skin to look brighter. It absorbs really quickly and so far I really like it, it smells amazing to and is on offer for £3.99 in superdrug at the moment so I'd grab it before it goes back to its original price.

The next was a new cleanser, It is the superdrug peppermint and teatree, it smells great and it feels like it cleanses really well. A downside is that it does make my skin feel really hot and it goes red but after ten minutes the redness has gone. I have seen other people say that's how teatree products also work on them so I'm not too worried about it happening.

The final thing was the teatree nose strips. I am yet to use them but will give a review once I have!

That's it,
Speak soon,

Char xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

OOTD Shopping in London | February 2nd 2013

Hey guys,

Today I am off out with a friend or two shopping and thought I would show you my outfit, I have been stuck for post ideas recently and was going to do a favourites posts but I didn't have many to tell you about so I guess this will have to do until I write again. I was thinking a review on some products I've been using recently or maybe a hair care post since that's changed a lot recently and it will be a first for me. So let me know what you want in the comments.

So I know there are a few things I've been eyeing up online that I want to try on today so I've gone for an outfit that's quick to change in and out of as well as being nice and also includes the basics for trying things on like tights thick enough to act as trousers for perspective.

Denim jacket - Dads Levi
Top - H and M
Skirt - New Look ( they have a lot of skirts similar to those in topshop for a few pounds cheaper at the moment so keep an eye out if that's your kind of style)
Tights - supercosy from primark
Shoes - Vans
Lips - Mac Viva Glam in Nikki
Bag - market stall

That's it from me, as I've said I'm having trouble with bloggers block so any ideas will help me out :)

Speak soon,
Char xx