Sunday, 28 April 2013

Kukee Jewellery | Haul and Website Review

Hey guys,

So recently I seemed to have discovered a new obsession: Jewellery. I've never really worn much, I used to be all about the clothes speaking for themselves but I've found that recently I've been a bit more back to the basics with my clothes colour wise, especially since monochrome came around, so I've been trying to brighten myself up with new necklaces and rings!

If I'm honest, I don't really feel like rings suit me, my hands and fingers are so small so I feel like I can come across looking like a five year old wearing all the rings from their mothers dressing table!

However discovering Kukee has completely changed my mind about them. Kukee is a website that consists of extremely affordable yet beautiful necklaces, rings and bracelets, they have jewellery for girly or more edgy girls and there is something to suit most people.

I went for a few rings, 3 above the knuckle rings, which I must admit I didn't think would be very me but I stand corrected and love them to bits!

I also got a ring with a mouse on it and am considering buying a few more of the animal rings because at £1.59/£2 each why not! I also have my eyes on some of the statement necklaces but you'll see more about that in next months WIW post.

Delivery was very quick, only 3/4 days and the packaging the rings came in was adorable. Overall I am so happy I have found Kukee and can say I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

They have a twitter and blog along with a website which are linked on the website so make sure you check that out since they do a lot of giveaways.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

OOTD | Day to Night

Hey guys,

Aren't you lucky to have another OOTD from me this week! Joking aside I thought today would be a good day to show you what I'm wearing since it's the type of outfit I find myself wearing quite a lot. Especially on days where I know I will be out all day then be off to a friends or out for the evening, where I may have to be less casual, without going home in between .

The only thing that I ever seem to change is the jewellery or the colour of my tops but the general concept is the same because its comfortable and easy!

Jumper - New Look
Top - Hand me down from my mum, its unbranded I'm afraid
Necklace - Who says( Singaporean shop)
Disco Pants - EBay
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - vans

Lipstick in the day - Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Blushed
Lipstick in the evening - Revlon lustrous lipstick in Softsilver Rose

All I do when it comes to the even is take my jumper off and keep it in my bag and when I need to touch up my lipstick is switch colours so its really fuss free!

Friday, 12 April 2013

OOTD | Back in England

Hey you lovely lot!

So a quick little outfit of the day post ,a post I've missed writing dearly but in these past weeks,besides being abroad, I've been in trackies or leggings and slouchy tops because I've not had a chance to go out much with exams and the cold weather. So since today was my first day back in the country, as well as the fact I'd gone out to see a few friends to have a good old catch up I thought I'd show you what I wore!

Top - Raffles Hotel(I must admit I bought a few too many souvenir tees these few weeks :/ 'Hi, my name's Charlotte and I'm a topaholic' )
Jeans - Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Creepers - EBay
Jacket - Dad's Levi
Hoody - A Christmas present and its unbranded so who knows!
Lipstick - Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Blushed
Bag - Balinese Market stool

Have a good evening all!

Char xx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

#1 Easter Beauty Favourite | NYC Nail Polish

Hey guys,
So since I've been on holiday for the past 2 weeks I only took a few beauty bits as I can't take my entire make up collection away with me. Likewise with nail polish. If it wasn't so bad for my nails, I'd paint them a different colour everyday of the year. I get bored easily but obviously i can't change them much when I'm away so I took four colours away with me. They were Atlantic Road(Barry M), Nude(Barry M), Mint Macaroon(NYC) and Orange( MissGuided). My favourite if the four was Mint Macaroon.

I love a pastel nail in spring/summer but often opt for a bold,bright colour so it was a nice change to be wearing such a pretty pale mint green. I don't know if they still do this colour as I bought it early summer last year and there are quite a few new colours in the NYC stand in my local superdrug. The nail polishes are really in expensive at only £1.79 and if I didn't get so bored(the longest I wear one colour is 5 days) the polish would definitely last it's seven day wear claim.

If it does come back in the shelves or still is at your local stand I thoroughly suggest picking it up as well as some of the other colours as they are so affordable and good quality most of the time!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Lush T-Shirts | Great tops for affordable prices

Hey guys,

So I was recently sent a top from Lush T-Shirts an online brand that sell slogan and personalised tops. They have a lot of great ones(a favourite of mine being the 'drop me out' one.)

However the one I decided to get was the Helvitica Alphabet top, I got it with Aa but it can have any letter from the alphabet which I love!

They're delivery was very quick and I was very surprised by this. It came in about 3 days which for anyone ordering with standard delivery is a great surprise. I really like they're tops and they are reasonably priced too!(from 10+)

Here are a few ways I style mine and I hope you all grab yourself one as well.

N.B pictures will be uploaded in a few days, lost when editing, check back next week.

Monday, 1 April 2013

What I Want | April Edition 2013

Hey guys,

My march has been pretty hectic in the real world and therefore I have hardly had any time to write for you all, which I am super sorry about!

However to get back into the swing of things I thought I'd do another WIW post, there is always things I want and from the last post I've only bought one thing but a different colour but you'll see that in an upcoming beauty haul.

I blabber on way to much in my post intros so let's just get into the April edition.

1 - kukee jewellery. If you haven't heard of Kukee I suggest you look them up, they make beautiful, on trend jewellery for a fraction of the high street price. Not only that but they have giveaways all the time in their blog and twitter which is great! The things I want are probably the make a wish rings or the statement necklaces because they are so on trend and look so much more expensive than less then £6!

2 - my nails are quite weak and I can't wear nail polish to school so I really want Barry M's gel polish in Lychee. As well as helping me get away with wearing polish to school, nude nails have been having a comeback recently and this polish is perfect for the trend.

3 - a harem like trouser. That sounds strange but I have so many pairs that I've seen and wanted I thought I'd just generalise and say I just want a pair! There are some really nice pairs in H&M right now but also some online and I can't decide! I love a pair of shorts or a skirt in spring/summer but with the weather right now, patterned harem pants would be a great transition item from winter/spring to spring/summer for a Londoner like me.

4 - I'm a lipstick girl for life, but I'm really interested to try the MUA power pouts. In effect a balm stain, admittedly I've never tried the Revlon or Clinique equivalents but I've heard pretty good things so far about the cheaper alternative so I thought I'd start at the bottom first!

5 - I find my make up doesnt stay on too well, even with primers I find cheek products often just slide off so I really want to try the MUA fixing spray. I also want try the Urban Decay version but at triple the price I'm interested to see if the cheaper one is any good.

And finally

6- &other stories blusher in organza coral. When I swathed this at the new shop in regent street,London I fell in love but sadly had no money and was on a flying visit. It's beautiful and I'm not a coral lover quite yet but I think this blusher will take me to that place that all bloggers go to in summer and be in coral heaven. I've been loving my Rimmel Apocalips in Luna and these two look like an unstoppable summer duo.

That's all my wants for April, obviously this is more of a continuation of last time so its an on going list.

Speak soon
Char xx