Friday, 31 May 2013

What I Want | July 2013

Hello all,

This month I have been trying to refresh my wardrobe and make up bag for summer and that theme is still my mindset when it comes to what I've been lusting over. No big intro this time, let's just get into it!

1- JuJu Jellies. I have been lusting for a pair of jelly shoes for months now, I saw a picture on instagram of a girl with some on probably back in February now and I fell in love with them! Many people say they make them feel quite nostalgic however I was never a fan as I little one but the idea of owning some now excites me. I love the bright coral ones however I really want a neon orange  or white pair.

2 - the  Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Polishes have a really great finish and stay on my nails a long time, so the new shades really excite me as until now I have found the colour range a little boring. I'm really after the shades Key Lime and Blue Grape as they are really fresh and bold.

3 - I've been loving all things acid green recently and along with the green polish, I'm after a green skirt. One that's caught my eye is from H & M. I love the skater skirts from H & m as they hold their shape well and I really like the thick waistband they have, so much so I already have a couple of the skirts in my wardrobe from winter!

4 - I have become a fan of less is more make up in the last few weeks as my skin has been quite clear, and to help it stay clear and radiant I after a new face mask. The vitamin c mask from Dirty Works smells great and is something I want to try as their detox mask is great as well.

5- matte me lip gloss from Sleek Make up. I'm not sure whether these are out yet but I have seen many a blog post on these and the concept intrigues me. I'm not a big fan of super glossy lips and the colours in the range look really bright and perfect for summer. 

6-my final want for the month is a new blush trio from Sleek make up. The sweet cheeks palette is right up my street, I'm a big fan of pink blushes for my skin tone and as I am pale I think the lilac toned blush will look really pretty. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Look Good for less | Naked 2 Palette

So I'm probably the billionth person to mention this 'dupe' now but I was late on the wagon. So if you hadn't guessed from the post title, my dupe for the Naked 2 Pallete from Urban Decay, is the MUA Undress Me Too Pallete. 

Unfortunately I don't have the Naked 2 or original Naked pallette so I can't really give you swatches but if you are interested in seeing the similarities between the Urban Decay shadows and their drug store alternatives I'd suggest reading this post here. Although in my opinion the quality of the MUA shadows is a lot better than they have been described as, in my opinion anyway.

Obviously MUA shadows aren't as great quality but the colours are pretty similar and for a £32 price difference for a budget buy they are great!

I have used a few Urban Decay eye shadows and they are some of my favourites to use but my drugstore favourites are the MUA ones, so when I realised I could get hold of Urban Decay colours with the MUA prices I was delighted!

Although I have a lot of eye shadows, I don't use many but this palette had really wearable colours and since I've got it I've worn a few different looks including the shadows. I especially like the sort of muted purple-grey colours because I feel like they enhance my eyes as well as the copper/gold toned colour but I might show you the looks I've done with the palette in a later post.

So although I don't own the undressed palette, if you are new to wearing eye shadows or make up in general I'd suggest buying both because you get great colours for under a quarter of price of the upmarket alternative. That way if you like them and you are willing to fork out, go for it!

That's all on the palettes but I hope you've been enjoying these LGFL posts recently, if you don't already, I'd suggest taking a look at the blog What I Heart Today, Lily Pebbles blog because she has begun a similar feature on her blog which i absolutely love!x

That's all
Speak soon
Char xx

Oops I did it again

 Firstly I'm incredibly sorry for the lack of posts! Life off screen has been quite stress filled with the run up to end of year exams amongst other things but hopefully after the next couple weeks I will be able to post more frequently. However I felt you needed to hear from me so here is a hair update for you! 

Its been almost 8months since I did something interesting to my hair and I was feeling like I needed to refresh my look for spring so this is what I've had done.

Firstly I got my ombré cut off because my hair was just too long to cope with, I'll never go short but it was getting to that length that is just too much to cope with and I was bored and with summer coming I felt I need the refresh!

After only a week I got bored of my colour, if you haven't seen already in my Wild Ombré review, I feel like my hair is a colour that just seems dull and although it suits a lot of people I feel like my hair just needs something to enhance the colour of it so, using the wild ombré kit again, I dyed my hair. This time round I am a lot happier, it dyed my hair a lot more and although its not always noticeable, it gives my hair that boost it needs. It's quite light at the very ends but the fact I didn't dye it the same way the whole way round my head makes the colour look very natural and 'sun kissed' I guess and I just really like it. 

To keep it looking healthy I'm quite lazy, I'm a 'get it done and hope it looks alright' kind of person when it comes to my hair so I don't do much but I wash my hair with Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine shampoo or the aqua light shampoo as they are very similar in scent and formula. Although I have thick hair I find these work really well as they wash out really well and do leave my hair feeling really light. I switch this with Tresemmé clean and cleanse shampoo every 7/8 washes as a cleanse for my hair, it smells amazing and really does a good job! To condition my blonde ends I use Phil Smith blonde radiance conditioner, although this doesn't smell particularly great(a bit like hair dye from my point of view) it keeps my ends not looking dry from the bleach! 

Styling wise, I'm fuss free,  usually leaving my mop to air dry. However when I do dry it I use VO5 Smoothly
Does It through my ends to minimise friz and it works as a heat protectant and then I blow dry and I'm good to go!

What ill do to my hair next I don't know, maybe give some of the new fudge colour chalks a go? What do you think?

Char xx

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

April favourites | This month has been busy

Hey all,
I know most beauty bloggers put up videos for their favourites but I don't feel ready to do videos quite yet so until then enjoy my thoughts here!

Caramel cream Nivea lip butter- I don't really wear much on my lips unless I'm wearing lipstick but that is merely because of my laziness. However this lip butter has been on my lips everyday at school and under my lipstick as well. It is really mositurising, lasts on my lips without feeling waxy or like it is just sitting on my lips, it smells amazing and is only £2! What more could a girl ask for!

Barry m gelly in lychee- Again something that I've been wearing nonstop. Personally it is the perfect nude, since I am pale, any pink tone nudes are very obvious on my nails but Lychee is very neutral and is just so pretty and long lasting.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushed - Carrying on with the nude theme, this lipstick has been in my bag all month since I got it. It's like Rimmel Apocalips in galaxy in the sense that it comes across like a my lips but better colour. If I'm having a lazy day or I'm wearing more colourful clothes I just whack this on and I'm good to go, admittedly not the best staying power wise but that is fine with me.

Urban decay psychedelic sister- now if you own the fun palette from urban decay or have this colour you will probably think I'm crazy for wearing it, however don't be too quick to judge me. This shimmery blue toned purple is so beautiful and has been helping me leave my comfort zone. I wanted to find a way to make my eyes seem more green because they can seem like such an inbetween colour and that can therefore make them just look tired even when I have a lot of make up on. So I have been wearing this pushed over my eyeliner, it seems to bring out the green in my eyes as purple and green are near eachother on the colour wheel and therefore compliment eachother. So it looks surprisingly subtle over the black liner and since doing it I've had a lot of compliments!

John Frieda glossing mist - I've been heat styling my hair a lot this month so this glossing most has been making my hair look a lot healthier and this smell makes me feel like my hair has been done in a salon which is always a nice feeling !

Final favourite (yes we have got through them!)
Maybelline colour tatoo pink gold- usually worn on the eye I have found this shade works as a nice shimmery crean blush/pink toned highlight. It looks so nice and defines my cheekbones really nicely since mine are almost non existent!

And breathe, we made it through a long list so thanks for baring with me and speak in my next post!

Monday, 6 May 2013

What I Want | May Spring Clean

It's that time again where I basically tell you my wishlist. May is normally the month I mix my wardrobe up a bit and either add to it with new summery pieces and dig through what I've got, almost like a good old spring clean!

So here is what I'd like to add to my ongoing list!

1- At the moment, the dresses from H&M are really on point. They have a lot of really pretty sundresses and some fun Aztec skaters but the ones I have been eyeing up are the jersey shirt dresses. I'm usually all about showing off what I've got by accentuating my waist but these dresses are so flattering! I picked one up to take to a changing room one day just because I wanted to try something on and I fell in love! They have so many colours and some different designs that are all so nice. They range from around £8-£20 so the price range is good to!

2- Another dress but i just think that sometimes being able to wear one piece can be a lot better and it's often underrated. This is the MissGuided Bardot skater dress and I love it, again this comes in so many colours as patterns(like most MissGuided clothing) and is only £15! I like this one especially because I think the tie dye looks so nice and dresses down the style of the dress in a sense.

3- Primark crop tops seem to be a staple in every Birtish females wardrobe right now. From the look like Topshop lace tops and the polo necks and loose cropped tees from only £2, not much can go wrong. I especially like them because they fit as well as any other brands would and are a fraction of the price, they are just perfect Summer pieces!

4- L'Oreal Micellar 15 second miracle cleansing oil. This sort of intrigued me when I heard about it as I've never used such a product. At the moment I'm trying out the whole Micellar water thing(blogpost on that shindig later in the month) but I'm interested to try an oil as well! It looks good and I've not seen any bad reviews so it seems like a nice thing to add to my spring/summer skincare routine.

5 - I may be a little late on the band waggon (get it? May? I'm sorry for the dad joke there) but I really want to try the Borjois Healthy Mix foundation. There is such a large shade range and I've seen a lot of people switch to this foundation for summer. I never tried the original but I need to get round to trying this version!

Last but not least
6- I am a big fan of the Rimmel Scadaleyes Khol Kajals and already have the black and nude which are almost holy grail worthy for me because their texture is so lovely and they stay put so well. Recently I've been wearing a less is more kind of look so instead of wearing black which is quite harsh i wanted to try a colour from the range like taupe to wear on the outer third of my top and bottom lash line that will give my eyes some colour without going overboard.

A mixed batch of items this month! I'm just feeling the need to change up a bit.
So speak soon
Char xx

NB pictures soon like always trouble with my computer