Tuesday, 28 January 2014

'It's like an oil spill if oil was clothes'

This quote from Alexa Chung's 'It' is probably my favourite from the book.

I was given this as a present for my birthday last week and it took me all of two minutes to pick it up and dive in. It was definitely not what I expected. The only way I can think to describe it is a grown up scrapbook, filled with her opinions on fashion, beauty and growing up, along with a lot of photos.

Unlike many people I have seen mention the book, I have enjoyed flicking through it, it's nice to see how someone can discover their style without their opinions coming across as tips for other people to take. She shows that everyone is different and that inspiration can be found in unlikely places; that people who may inspire many of us can do so in ways that may not effect people other than yourself. 

Her personal style is very different from my own yet I often see her wear clothes that I would wear, but in a way that is a world away from the way she does. I also noticed many people whose make up she loved, were people who I also loved yet why I liked them was different. 

Although I personally love the book, I wouldn't necessarily say it was gripping and I can understand why many people will disagree with me. Who else liked it?? Are there any people you find inspirational in the world of fashion??

Char xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

OOTN | Birthday meal


Last night my friends and I went for a meal for my birthday eve. I had a lot of fun despite the cold and miserable weather!
Shirt - vintage
Dress - H&M
Shoes - H&M
Socks - H&M
Bag - Market

Char xx
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Friday, 3 January 2014

What I Want | Birthday Edition

Since my birthday is a mere 2 weeks away and it's been a while since I posted what I have been lusting after, I decided it was time for yet another WIW post. The main reason there has been a lack of these posts is because I haven't spent much time shopping, online or out and about so I've not had time to wish and want for many things.
 1. Getting a Pandora bracelet is something I have considered for a while now, I've been umming and ahhing due to the face that I already own a charm bracelet and have always thought what is the point but I feel like the Pandora leather version is that bit more versatile than the one I already own. Plus the owl charm has stolen my heart a little, I'm obsessed!

2. One of my aims of 2014 is to stay organised, I don't do resalutions becuse if my opinion on the matter is that if you want to change don't wait until the beggining of the year to do so. For me, 2014 will be a very important year in my education so I really do need to stay organised and keep up to date with work, blog posts, staying tidy and mentally, by mentally organised I mean writing down everything I need to do so that I don't get stressed with everything muddled in my head. These notebooks are just so cute and I think would really encourage me to be more organised.

3. I love taking photos and think this is such a cute way to keep track of the year, I'm a big sucker for anything to do with memories that can be a physical not electronic thing!

4. Although I own a few brushes from the drugstore and a few from ELF, i feel like it's time I invested in some good quality brushes and I think these 3 Mac brushes would make a good start, especially considering how I wear my make up.

5. I have been lusting after a Harrington jacket for a while now, I don't know why but I just really love how they look on and the tight cuffs.

6. I recently threw out a lot of make up and had a serious declutter of my make up draw and realised how despite how often I wear eye shadow, that I only own two quads that I ever really enjoy using and I really want to try some more Urban Decay products since I have the fun palette and only use Baked and Sin as they are the only day to day shades.

There are also a few books like Alexa Chung's 'It' and Lauren Conrad's 'Beauty' and 'Style' and a few CDs but as it happens, if there has been time and effort put into think about what I may like or a person has taken the time to ask me what I'd like, I never mid what I really recieve.
Let me know what you are lusting over this month,
Char xx
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