Thursday, 23 October 2014

Singapore | Shopping down Orchard Road

Despite visiting the obvious western shops that are available in Singapore, there are some really great boutiques and indoor market stools that were really on trend and interesting to visit. I didn't take a huge amount of photos due to the day being quite busy however I managed to take enough to post for you.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Singapore | An evening in Holland Village

The next few posts will be very picture heavy, similar to those from my trip to New York as they are travel posts. What do you think of this style, I personally feel that sometimes photos allow a better grasp on the atomosphere and overall experience better than words often can, not always but a lot anyway.

On my first full day in Singapore I went to dinner in the Holland Village food court. I was surprised at how lively the area was for a Monday evening! The food was great, Singapore is known for its amazing fresh crab and it did not let me down. After eating we had a quick browse in a local pharmacy but I will be going shopping properly later on in the week.

We also went into a newsagent with some snacks that were a little different from home.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

How I :- Travel

Firstly I need to apologise for the lack of editing in this post as my photos were pretty rushed and I am currently writing this in the airport before I leave for my holiday but I thought it might be slightly different to show you what I wear when I travel.

What I wear
The most important thing for me when I travel, no matter what the climate or destination of my destination may be, is that I need to be comfortable. I also need to be able to stay warm. I am off to Singapore so I opted for a midi dress as it suits the weather here in England and Singapore, and my skater shoes as they are comfortable and easy to take off if I need to during security checks. I chose this jumper because although it is warm, it is quite thin and lightweight so it is easy to pack away and carry with me.

What I bring with

Due to the nature of my two week break from school, I could not avoid bringing some of my workload away with me on holiday, so I have packed my laptop and notebook so that in my spare moments I can attempt to work. Saying that, I do have a 12 hour+ plane journey to do bits a pieces! Whenever I travel I bring with what I consider my handbag staples; lip balm, hairbands, concealer, mascara and hand gel – along with other things such as face wipes and deodorant, which are vital for a quick refresh before hopping off the plane. 


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Zara Wishlist

Lately I haven't had many chances to go out shopping, so I hadn't really seen what was new to a lot of A/W collections. This weekend I decided to do some online browsing and add a few things to my on going wishlist that I have on my computer. Looking at the list today, the majority of things I fell madly in love with were from Zara, so this is a Zara A/W wishlist.

Image 4 of TEXT T-SHIRT from Zara Image 5 of TEXT T-SHIRT from Zara

I've been looking at trying to find some nice graphic tees that aren't always white, and a bit more me than just choosing a white graphic tee because 'that slogan' or 'that logo' which I feel I've been doing too much lately. These tops have just seemed right up my street and I are surprisingly lower down the price scale than I expected!

Image 2 of PRINTED T-SHIRT from Zara Image 2 of PRINTED T-SHIRT from Zara

At the moment I am loving sweatshirts in general, for my they are a great transitional item for A/W and again, I love them for similar reasons to the tops.

Image 2 of LOOSE-FIT TROUSERS from Zara

Generally speaking if I'm wearing trousers, they'll be black, and they'll be tight.However, these trousers are a slight compromise, they are are not fitted but sinch in at the ankles and are a nice way of making 'trackies' seem smart to wear. I really like that they are so simple, because especially for school,they will be easy to throw on in the morning when I'm stuck for a good outfit to wear.

Image 2 of QUILTED BOWLING BAG from Zara Image 4 of QUILTED BOWLING BAG from Zara

The final thing is possibly my favourite item of them all - this quilted bowling bag just seems to make my heart melt a little. Firstly I tend to love structured, squarish bags as I seem to be able to fit more into them than normal. as well as this, in a matter of days I am going away and this bag seems like the ideal size to take with me on the plane.

*All photos have been lifted from the Zara site