Saturday, 25 June 2016

What's that? Another hair change?

Yet again, boredom and lackluster hair has caused me to feel a change was necessary. As those of you who have seen my pretty tame dabbles with hair dye and change over the last few years (see herehere , here and here) you will know that I often get bored and change it up a little every 4-6months. The last 18 months or so however, I have changed the length a lot less, and for the first time in my life, essentially maintained my short/mid-length no layers cut, and after staying my natural hue of mousy brown/dark blonde for a while, dyed my hair in a balyage/ombré style that wasn't too many shades lighter than my own. 

Just under a year on, and many Instagram hair account screenshots later, I decided that going even lighter for summer might be fun, and was the best opportunity to try something a bit more extreme than I had previously.

My hairdresser used a product called freelights by Wella, which essentially allowed her to paint on the dye without having to use foils, which as I understood it was because the dye did not expand like bleach usually does. It was then toned, washed again and cut.

I am so happy with how it looks now! Like anything, I think not seeing my roots will be strange for a while, and personally my hair takes a couple weeks to settle into a new colour/style, but I really am happy with the results at the moment. What's even better is the way it has been done, once my roots begin to show, it will quite low maintenance because it will just highlight the different colours and tones that are in the look, which I think will look really great. 

Char xx

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Summer Night Out

I was recently at a close friend’s birthday party and really loved the make up I’d chosen to do. Have you ever found yourself reaching for certain products when the weather warms up? For me my summer make up can tend to be less experimental than the rest of the year because I become obsessed with the variation of three products, Gold/Copper eyeshadows like L’Oreal infallible eye shadow in Amber Rush or UD Baked, Mac Lady Danger or any pink lipstick. Unintentionally, the make-up look I did for this party contains 2/3 of these products and this made me realise one thing, summer is in touching distance.

Although I’m not really the best at make-up, I thought I’d share this look and the products I used, as I was happy with how it looked and how well it lasted considering the temperature that evening. I’ve also shared some pictures of the outfit to show you all my overall look, enjoy! 

For nights out and evening events I like to make sure my make up will last all night. I will often find myself crying with laughter so I always make sure to wear waterproof mascara. My current favourite is Max Factor False Lash Effect in the waterproof formula, as it not only stays on so well, but it leaves me with long, curled, fluttery lashes. For this look I used UD Baked shadow, with bronzer in my crease to keep the look warm. A new purchase, but an immediate favourite is the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Rose, I honestly don't know how I've ever been able to look nice without it! 

The Outfit: 
Dress - Motel Rocks
Chelsea boot heels - H&M (no longer in season)
Denim Jacket - Charity Shop
Phone Case - Casetify

Sunday, 12 June 2016

A Year in Photos

I feel like my least year of school has been a whirlwind of emotions. Not only has it been a year of making the most of the time I’ve had left with people I’ve grown up with, but it has also been a year of decisions. Deciding what Universities and courses I wanted to apply for and ensuring I work hard enough to be able to achieve the grades necessary to get into my firm choice has taken up the majority of my time, hence no blogging. 
Despite this I have made some amazing memories during this year (September to Now) and thought the best way to document this was through many… many… many photos and snapchat videos. A lot of the things that I have done have been truly unforgettable but to summarise it all, here is my year in photos.  

So these first two pictures represent the first of my 'last ever...' moments. As it was our last year, many of the girls form the Senior Prefect Team helped out at the school Christmas fair. It was so strange to think that many years ago it was my dad who played Santa in the grotto and I went in not even realising, to this moment, where we were playing Santa's elves and making that magic moment for the little ones ourselves!

The photos above come from the Year 13 Christmas Panto production of 'Cinder-Zoella'. At my school, the tradition is that the panto has an underlying message of christmas, with the characters reflecting that year group or 'current pop culture'. I've sat through plays inspired by Harry Potter and Twilight and Mean Girls, but our year used Cinderella, Disney, Kardashians and Youtube as its core, a fun but stressful few weeks led to an amazing final performance that we all enjoyed.

The sixth form trip ice skating wasn't shared with the whole year, but was definitely a fun, cold bonding experience.

This photo from new years eve is one of many that were taken throughout the night. Ringing in the new year with some of my oldest and closest friends around me was all I could ask for!


My 18th birthday was probably one of my favourites I've ever had. Mostly because I finally felt I'd reached a point where I was able to be myself and feel confident. these 3 photos are all from my party. I was and still am obsessed with the Motel Rocks dress that I wore, and can't wait to be able to wear it again!

Here I am holding Rosie the tarantula at London Zoo on a psychology trip. I don't necessarily have many fears that I can think of until I am in the situation itself, and this was a moment I realised that. Holding Rosie was something that seemed so frightening at the time, but it felt amazing to conquer a fear I never knew existed.

A large achievement I made this April was getting a place on a work experience programme I had wanted to do for a while. This was one of the views from the offices and to me this acts as a reminder of the possibilities there can be from giving something a go. (cringey I know I know, but isn't that what this post is)

This is a photo of what is known at my school as Handover Day, whereby the senior prefect positions are handed down to the year below, so they can start their 'year in office'. It was a bittersweet day, but I couldn't be prouder of those who will be filling in next year. 

This final set of photos are from my last ever week of school, where we had a dress up week. Multicultural Monday, Toddler Tuesday, On Wednesdays we wear pink and Theatrical Thursday. I must say my favourite of the lot was thursday, as Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn has been a costume I'd wanted to do for a while, and it the perfect opportunity. 

Friday, 3 June 2016

So what is my style? | #BloglovinHMAwards16

To pick one main item of H&M clothing was very hard for me, as it is my go to high street shop, making this a task I really took pleasure in doing! 

The outfit
This outfit is focused around my Gran's old green jumper, a piece I used to struggle to style into an outfit, but now realise is the outfit. I paired it with this charity shop Jean jacket and H&M accessories. I really love the way the jumper-come-dress hangs, giving an effortlessly cool edge. 

The shoes in this outfit are H&M and are truly well-loved. These are the first pair of heeled shoes I could walk in and were an early birthday present from my mum a few years ago. Since then, they have been my confidence boosting shoes, the pair I wear to make me feel more mature, stand with my head a little higher and walk with a little more skip in my step, they are still one of my go to pairs of footwear if I feel an outfit seems a little flat . The H&M socks peeping out with green sparkly frills add a little bit more to an otherwise straightforward outfit.
This H&M bag with gold details is the perfect size for all the necessities and more, it may seem small but It is deceptively roomy, definitely able to give Mary Poppins' bag a run for its money!  Other than my bag my other accessories are some simple small silver hoops in both piercings and my everyday watch, so as not to have too much going on. 

If I had to attempt to describe my style I would say it is simple retro grunge. I love finding vintage/second hand pieces and integrating them into my outfits in a way that could make them seem as though they were made just for me. I was once told by a close friends parent that I often look like I dress as if an era has 'thrown up' on me, a comment that has stuck with me and has often reminded me to make a conscious decision to remain true to my style, which often has a retro feel.  

How would you descirbe your personal style?

Char xx
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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Change of Direction

With the school year I've just experienced, a lot has changed which has resulted in me reflecting upon the nature of this blog. Whilst I love the way I've always just posted what I felt like and when I've wanted to, a school project I recently completed has taught me that I need to practice what I preach, and be a bit more consistent in the sense of regularity of content sharing. I know I've made this promise numerous times before, but every time I've said it I've been so strict on myself that I've forced myself out of love with blogging and it becomes a chore. Due to this summer being my last until I go to university, I am intending on making the most of it and doing things that I enjoy.

So whilst my posts throughout the summer and future may not be frequent, I aim to be consistent and try and get at least one post a weekend uploaded. In terms of content, I've come to realise what I love most about having my own blog is the photography element, and as much as I like being in the photos, this summer I want to try and capture the moments from behind the camera as much as possible. 

My current idea I have for the blog, due to the trips and activities already lined up, is to do a series of photo diaries, alongside any style or miscellaneous posts. I know a post like this doesn't really make up for an 8 month or so hiatus, I have to start somewhere and I think my first baby steps back into blogging should be an apology/explanation to you. 

This change will still take a while to put in place as I am still studying for final exams, but watch this space nonetheless. 

Char xx